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Beolab 28

Here you can read the previous and most recent release notes for the Beolab 28.
This product is not supported by web update. Download the B&O App if you wish to check for any new available update for your Beolab 28.
Release notes

  • Beoremote One connectivity improvements.
  • B&O Radio playback improvements.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

  • Added per source default volume.
  • Added a low latency mode for line-in and S/PDIF.
  • Further improvements to performance and stability of stereo paired products.
  • Stability improvements.

  • Fixed an issue where a stereo paired product could not be switched to standby.
  • Fixed an issue where the source list in the Bang & Olufsen app was empty.
  • Fixed an issue where Spotify Connect playback was muted.
  • Further improvements to performance and stability of stereo paired products.
  • Google Chromecast updated to version 1.56.
  • Stability improvements

  • Fixed intermittent clicking sounds when changing track

  • Fixed issue with playback of specific Deezer tracks

  • Fixed issues where proximity sensor stops working on secondary speaker

  • Improved connectivity and responsiveness of Beoremote One

  • improved Beoremote One station list can now contain more than 10 radio stations

  • Added support for TIDAL Connect. Now you can use TIDAL Connect to stream music directly from the TIDAL app

  • Improvements to stereo pairing performance

  • Apple AirPlay 2 has been updated, ensuring a smoother streaming experience

  • Spotify Connect updated

  • Improvements to Home Assistant integration, allowing better integration with your smart home devices

  • Fixed issues with missing sound in the secondary speaker

  • Improvements for wired speakerlink 

  • Stereo pair improvements

  • Bugfixes and stability improvements

  • Stereo pairing improvements


  • Updated Google Voice Assistant to version 1.52

Added support for BeoLink Multiroom

  • Touch to Join, long Press on Play to activate Join
  • Two way Join, view and join desired music session from Beoremote Halo
  • Expand, use the B&O app to expand an experience to other products

Added support for Deezer as integrated source

  • Use the B&O app to browse your music and add music to play queue
  • Support for Deezer Flow - start your personalized flow through the B&O app

Added support for DLNA as integrated source

  • Use the B&O app to navigate your personal music collection

Added support for alarms and timers

  • Use the B&O app to setup alarms and timers

New and improved room compensation algorithm

  • Re-run room compensation on your device to get the improved experience

Updated device UI

  • When pausing playback, play/pause button will now pulse if playback can be resumed

General improvements and bugfixes.


Bugfixes related to connectivity


Official Market Release


  • Bug fixes + improved sound performance

  • Improved Wi-Fi and SpeakerLink
  • Other improvements

  • WiFi improvements (more pending)
  • SpeakerLink improvements
  • Various other improvements

  • SpeakerLink Improvements
  • Wi-FI Improvements
  • General bug fix and improvements

  • Room compensation tuned
  • Support for Ambiance/Z-parameter
  • Reduced touch sensitivity slightly
  • Improved audio dropouts due to RT processing jitter

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